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Barber chair 


The Rocky barber chair is inspired by the vintage taste of old barber shops, winking at more modern design elements. 

Totally adaptable in height thanks to the hydraulic pump with brake and adjustable footrests and headrests. The Rocky improves the quality of the barbers work by offering maximum comfort to the customer, who can enjoy a soft seat in expanded polyurethane with reclining backrest.

The solidity of Rocky is guaranteed by the high-rigidity polished aluminum frame and base and the reclining seat with synchronized back and leg movement.

The corrugated steel springs inside the padding and the removable headrest of the Rocky allow you to combine comfort and practicality with an "Old Style" design that never goes out of fashion.

The Rocky barber chair is available in brown with white base or in black with black base.

Barber chair
Polyurethane foam padded seat
Vinyl seat upholstery

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