Salon design advice


By Beth Plomos

Color is a basic element in the design of your salon. It affects us psychologically, emotionally and physically. Your staff and clients will react positively or negatively, but with color most people do not react indifferently. Color provides warmth, stimulation, a sense of well being and excitement. It is the major stimulus that affects our decision-making process.

You can use this to your benefit, when designing your salon. You and your designer will need to develop a concept that works best for your clientele, salon image and location. Take into consideration these points. The interior and exterior attracts the attention of potential clients, to ensure that the client desires to enter your salon. This environment should leave your client happy and comfortable when they are inside. When the client leaves the salon, they should leave feeling satisfied and with the desire to return.

Color will work for you in different ways. It can link one part of the salon to another, as well as tie an eclectic array of furnishings together. Your floor, walls and ceiling consists of 80% of the color in your salon, 20% will consist of furniture and accessories. When deciding on a color scheme, 75% is the main or basic color, 20% is a variation or complement to the main color. Small amounts of accent colors (about 5%) will add interest and create unusual and unique effects. Visually this will create a pleasing environment to work and visit.

There is a wide range of color schemes you can use. Two color schemes are monochromatic and complementary. Monochromatic consists of one color, using different shades, tints or tones. Complementary color scheme is colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, which adds interest and excitement to an area. The color scheme you pick out can customize or personalize your environment.

New technologies in color design of material and new manufacturing techniques, open up your options for a unique color expression. Pearlescent, metallics, translucent, iridescence, three-dimensional applications and other special finishes bring character to your salon decor. Various materials, such as metals, woods, natural fibers, glass finished, and stone products can enhance your color schemes.

The hottest new trend is gardening and back to nature. Plants, natural materials, glass grown in pots all bring the simplicity of the outside, inside. Nature colors are earth tones colors and textures. With this in mind the use of texture and unique finishes can enhance overall appeal of your salon. Look outside at the trees, flowers, sky, the changing seasons, etc. to experience the calming and peaceful effects of nature. You’ll see colors that are softer, lighter, calming colors and watery aquatic blues. We strive to achieve a balance between technology and our desire for all that is natural. With this in mind we need to create a harmonious balance in our space.