Salon design advice

Emerging Trends in Salon Design

By Chris Erickson

Salon design has seen a transformation from the glossy, black and white contrasts of the 1980s to the warmer and softer wood tones of the 1990s. Just as bell-bottomed pants from the 60s and 70s have made a recent comeback, today’s salon decor has also come full-circle.

The earth tones that embodies the salons of the early to mid-seventies have re-emerged in a more upscale contemporary way; yet still convey a very warm, comfortable, and inviting feel. The hectic schedules and busy lifestyles of today’s clients make this move to more comfortable surrounding a natural progression.

While comfort, elegance, and functionality remain important key design elements of today’s salon, the emerging trend for the next decade is soothing work areas with fluid tonal contrasts that bask the client in an inviting and relaxing environment.

I create this total harmony through the use of lighting, material and layout. The overlying philosophy for this template must be one that is client-focused and centered on the ability of the space to provide both function and fashion.

As seasons change and warmth renews the life outdoors, the salon can become a reflection of that harmony and rejuvenation. The salon of today acts as a vehicle to give the client the same sense of renewal.

Chris Erickson is a Salon Design Consultant for the Belvedere USA Corporation in their Bloomington, MN showroom. For help in designing the salon of your dreams, call 800-435-5491.