Salon design advice

Maximizing Your Space

By Theresa Ciarlone

The key to maximizing your salon or spa space can be summed up in one word: organization. Keeping an orderly work environment and making the most of it requires repetition and effort. Being organized is the outgrowth of planning your space with an eye toward functionality and incorporating multi-function equipment and furniture design. In addition, this planning and organization process brings more efficiency to services by allowing you to more accurately schedule clients, which can increase revenue per hour.

Whether you have an existing space with a small budget or you’re obtaining a new space with a larger budget, you might consider these options:

  • Work with an interior designer who specializes in salons and spas to rework your existing space or design your new space
  • Your designer can work directly with your salon equipment sales/design consultant; some designers handle both roles
  • The interior designer can maximize your space by rearranging what you already have in a more functional and profitable way or design a new space using your prioritized wish list
  • Each area of your salon should be organized, functional and ergonomic,  a benefit not only to you the owner, but for your employees and clients as well

Here are some other things to consider:

Reception. The reception desk is the hub and brain of any salon. The key to maximizing this space is planning outward from the reception desk. First, consider a laptop computer versus a desktop model because they’re compact and wireless. This will increase the desk top space available for other tasks like check writing or scheduling. If this is not an option for you, the second best option is a computer with a flat screen monitor. Secondly, pullout keyboards, cash drawers, printer/fax shelves and trash compartments, along with tip slots, can maximize space. In addition, if your salon is larger and requires more space for supplies, gift wrap and storage, a credenza behind the reception desk might be an option.

Retail. If you do not have a large salon and cannot afford to allocate a certain amount of space in reception for a retail/boutique area, the best way to incorporate and maximize retail space is by featuring point of purchase products for display at the reception desk. Another idea is to have an open retail showcase behind the reception desk to act as a divider separating the reception area and the styling area. Lastly, retail can be combined at the styling stations by incorporating retail shelves above the tool cabinet as well as in between back-to back-stations. This also showcases products that have been used by the stylist and clients may be more inclined to purchase these products before their visit is completed. Shelving can always be added wherever there is unused space on the walls. Retail display is a great way to maximize wall space.

Styling. There are many ways to situate your styling area per to increase the number of stations, which will increase your profitability. If you put the salon together yourself years ago, it’s possible that you’ve allotted too much space for stations. Here’s a tip, the industry minimum standard width a styling station requires is 54″ wide; a color station requires a width of 48″. If it works for your salon stylists/colorists who do both, you might want to consider making all of your styling stations multi-function, meaning cut and color, at 54″ wide. You can then reconstruct scheduling to accommodate the new versatility of employing both cut and color in one station. Depending on the square footage of your space, freestanding back-to-back stations might be better than stations that mount to the wall. An interior designer and salon equipment sales/design consultant is your best source for this determination.

Look for more space-saving tips in the next issue of the Belvedere e-flash newsletter.

Theresa Ciarlone is a member of the Belvedere USA Corporation Salon Design Dream Team. For help in designing the salon of your dreams, call 800-435-5491.