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Color Trends in Salon Design

By Theresa Ciarlone

Color is a key factor when designing a salon. Color sets the stage, creating the mood and the experience that stimulate the senses. In fact, research shows that color causes physical responses on the body and mind.

When choosing a color scheme, keep a few things in mind:

  • How do you want your clients to feel in a particular space? Color can make them feel calm and relaxed or energetic and lively. Warmer, softer earth tones with wood accents can create a calming atmosphere. Using metals, glass and vibrant color accents can energize the space.
  • How long do you want your clients to occupy a space? Color can affect how the client perceives the length of stay in an area. For example, vibrant colors, which are very stimulating, energetic and lively, tend to be used in places with fast pace movements. However, softer hues of the same colors can be used to slow the movement to a more relaxing, calming experience. It’s about creating calm in the midst of chaos.

The key to a successful salon is creating an appealing environment. Through careful color planning, you will give your clients such an enjoyable experience they look forward to returning before they’ve even left.

Theresa Ciarlone is a member of the Belvedere USA Corporation Salon Design Dream Team. For help in designing the salon of your dreams, call 800-435-5491.